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At the moment Wyre Forest Council Elections are held on the first Thursday in May 3 years out of 4 with County Council Elections being held in the 4th year.

The Government is massively cutting the Grant it gives to Local Councils. This means that many services which you, the public really value, are in danger of being cut over the next few years.                                                          

Fran and the local Liberal Team have always supported "Election by Thirds"as being a way to keep the public able to to almost continuously "keep Cllrs on their toes!" however, less than 40% of the public bother to Vote in Local Elections AND if we move to All Out Elections once every 4 years and STOP the Election in the other years it would SAVE a massive £150,000 in each four year Council Cycle; and this saving would be continuous.

WHat do YOU think?


1. Go to the WFDC Website and fill in the Budget Questionnaire where this is a Question.

2. Contact Fran and tell her YOUR views.