The Mike Oborski No Barriers Awards

mike oborskiThe aim of 'No Barriers' the Mike Oborski Awards is to recognise local businesses, organisations and individuals that have provided significant access, service or employment possibilities for people with disabilities within the Wyre Forest district.

'People with a disability' includes those individuals with physical disabilities, learning disabilities visual impairments hearing impairments and mental health difficulties.

Nominations can be submitted by anyone who feels that the business, organisation or individual deserves recognition for their extra special commitment to inclusive access. This can be shown in different ways such as whether an organisation has accessible entrances, adequate parking facilities, clear easy to read signs, and easy to access toilets.

Helpfulness and friendliness towards customers is another key factor.
The awards panel will be looking for a clear commitment of employees or volunteers to the needs of customers with disabilities.

Equally, employment-friendliness is important. Individuals and organisations who have demonstrated a commitment to employing or assisting the career development opportunities of people with disabilities will catch the eye of the award panel.

The Mike Oborski No Barriers Awards 2013 went to Philip May a Kidderminster student who volunteers at Wyre Forest School, Mid-Counties Co-op food and Post Office in Kidderminster for their local charity fundraising, the production team of the Younger Generation Scout and Guide Gang Show which made it possible for performers of all abilities to take part in their summer show;

local artist Sandra Weidrick who opens up her home to help local people to tap into their creativity;

Elements Salon at Kidderminster College which provides access for everyone to enjoy hair, beauty and holistic treatments;

Rob Hartell founder and now volunteer at Dial-A-Ride, Dial-A-Ride for going the extra mile for people with disabilities and La Brasserie restaurant in Kidderminster for providing outstanding customer service.

Cllr Howard Martin, Chair of the Mike Oborski No Barriers Awards said

"The scheme was never intended to be an award for clubs and organisations set up specifically for those with disabilities. Mike's vision, taken from the original scheme in Gdynia, Poland, was an award for individuals, groups, businesses, pubs, shops, cafes which, while providing a service to the general public, go the extra mile to ensure easy access to their facilities and a warm welcome to those with disabilities".

Cllr Fran Oborski said

"I am absolutely delighted that the awards this year have been so well supported and by being part of the wider Wyre Forest Community Awards have taken a further step towards delivering what Mike originally had in mind."

A panel comprising of representatives of local private and public sector organisations judged the nominations for the Mike Oborski No Barriers awards.

You can download details of the 2014 awards by clicking here:


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